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TIME Hotels Careers

Seeking a thrilling new direction? Consider the dynamic Emirati hotel careers at TIME Hotels, and you could become a member of one of the most distinguished hospitality groups in the UAE.

We believe when you take up a position with the TIME Hotels team, you haven’t just ‘got yourself a job’, you are embarking on a new career.

TIME Hotels are not only an equal opportunities employer but also strongly believe that its own growth and successful expansion lies in the positive progress and the professionalism of each and every member of our team.

Every member of the TIME Hotels team is vital to the overall success of the company. We are committed to providing our members with a secure, pleasant and professional environment in which individuals are encouraged to openly express their thoughts and to contribute with their recommendations, suggestions or concerns.

Back of the House


Accounts Payable

TIME Hotels is looking for a 'Accounts Payable' who has a minimum of 2 years hospitality experience to fulfill the following core responsibilities.

  • Provides an effective system to track Accounts Payable for effective Cash Flow management
  • Provides a summary of the ageing report required by various people in the Accounting and Control Division to prepare monthly reports
  • Ensures loyalty of key suppliers of the hotel, resulting in lower cost per unit.
  • Obtains, date-stamp and file all documents which support authorized purchases and services rendered (PR’s, PO’s, Delivery Notes signedReceives Records, Contracts etc.) for future matching of invoices.
  • Processes daily invoices, that is, to match them to their supporting authorizations and receiving records.
  • Prepares account allocation.
  • Batches invoices, to post them and to distribute them to Department Heads for their approval.
  • Reviews and determines all payments due and submits the payment requests and disbursement schedule to the Chief Accountant for review and signature prior to the actual preparation of cheques.
  • Prepares cheque payments and submits them with their supports attached, for final approval and signatures by the Director of Finance and Area Vice President.
  • Raises and records cheques for urgent payments.
  • Prepares monthly accruals for goods and services received, but not invoiced.
  • Checks and ensures that the books and records are updated accurately and timely.
  • Cooperates and assists in reconciling the month-end inventory book balances to actual physical counts.
  • Prepares month-end closing of Accounts Payable.
  • Prepares and follow up on some balance sheet schedules as instructed including all the advanced payments.

Language Requirements: Can speak and understand English / other language is an advantage.

Apply by email to Addigay Vasquez at

Accounts Receivable

TIME Hotels is looking for a 'Accounts Receivable' who has a minimum of 2 years hospitality experience to fulfill the following core responsibilities.

  • Transfers daily city ledger data from Front Office system to Back Office Accounts Receivable module.
  • Verifies the total transfer with city ledger folios.
  • Reviews the city ledger folios with supporting documents such as charge slips, LPOs etc.
  • Follows up if required for billing instructions, LPOs, supporting documents etc.
  • Prepares invoices and obtain Chief Accountant signature.
  • Sends the original invoices with supporting documents to the customer, files a copy of the full set in the customer file and another copy in the sequential file.
  • Checks and verify credit card transfer with purchases slips and credit card reconciliation summary prepared by the Night Auditor.
  • Calculates commission for credit card payments received.
  • Issues receipt for cash and cheques received from customers and credit card payment received directly to the bank.
  • Hands over all cash receipts to the General Cashier with receipt copy.
  • Hands over all receipts and cheques to the Finance Secretary in the morning and evening on a daily basis for preparing cash and cheques collection report.
  • Posts all payments in A/R system.
  • Prints payment-posting report from the system, tally with general ledger and prepares payment reconciliation summary after obtaining Financial Controller’s signature.
  • Prepares and give Staff city ledger summary to the paymaster on the 25th of each month.
  • Maintains all barter accounts and prepare an updated summary.

Language Requirements: Can speak and understand English / other language is an advantage.

Apply by email to Addigay Vasquez at

Financial Controller

Job Brief 
The main purpose of this position is to provide sound financial advice to the General Manager and other senior management colleagues and effective financial management services to the organisation.

•    Direct and coordinate the accounting functions of the company falling within his jurisdiction.
•    Perform budget management functions including budgeting, budget performance monitoring and reporting.
•    Recommend benchmarks for measuring the financial and operational performance of units falling within his jurisdiction.
•    Monitor and analyze monthly operating results against budget.
•    Direct and coordinate debt financing and debt service payments with external agencies.
•    Oversee daily operations of the finance departments.
•    Manage the preparation of the official annual reports of actual revenues, transfers, and expenses.
•    Manage the preparation of financial outlooks and financial forecasts.
•    Prepare financial analysis for contract negotiations and product investment decisions.
•    Ensure compliance with statutory local and international financial reporting requirements.
•    Work with department managers and corporate staff to develop pluri-annual business plans for the company.
•    Establish and implement short- and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures.
•    Serve on planning and policy-making committees.
•    Serve as primary legislative liaison relative to company financial issues.
•    Oversee financial management of external operations to include developing financial and budget policies and procedures.
•    Direct financial audits and provide recommendations for procedural improvements.
•    Prepare reports and schedules to assist external auditors with tax filings and annual financial statement certifications.
•    Improve shareholder equity without sacrificing performance quality. Maintain a proactive and due diligence approach to protect the financial assets of the company.

Candidate Requirements : 
•    Hold a University degree in Finance and Accounting or equivalent
•    At least 5 years experience in Financial management position 
•    Facility Management experience

Apply by email to Akalanka Bandara at

Food & Beverage

Cluster Hygiene Manager

• Degree in Food Science, Environmental Health or related field.
• Must be HACCP trained and certified.
• PIC Train the Trainer 
• Must be Certified by the UAE government

• Minimum 2-4 years of working experience in the same position in a hotel or food processing unit.

Job Description
• Oversee the day-to-day operations at outlets and other places that serve and prepare food and beverages.
• Ensure team members follows proper sanitation procedures.
• Preside over food service employees, including food production team, cashiers, and other employees.
• Ensure safety standards are maintained while food is being cooked.
• To identify key areas of risk in various food operations for early remedial actions.
• Ensure compliance with the regulations, licensing conditions and codes of practice relating to food safety.
• Monitor the health condition of food handlers and to arrange medical examination or suspension of work where necessary.
• Provide in-house training for the food handlers.
• Handle complaints or enquiries from customers on food hygiene matters.
• Act as a focal point of contact with the Food Safety Department of Local Municipality.
• Advise food handlers on the proper food handling practices and ensure their observance.
• Preparation of SOPs, working out for cleaning schedules and their implementation along with chief steward, staff training (kitchen, service, stewarding and all other applicable such as receiving officer).
• Ensuring Food Hygiene and Sanitation SOP’s at all production areas, dishwashing utilities, receiving and storage areas Conducting Supplier audits.
• Conducting daily inspection regarding hygiene and sanitation conditions of all production, storage areas etc.
• Implementation of pest management program.
• Conducting in house audits.
• Coordinating with engineering department to implement preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Assist General Managers with daily Admin related tasks and communicate with the team.
• Provide daily reports to the General Managers on any compliance issues and provide appropriate corrective measures.

Apply by email to Akalanka Bandara at


Engineer - Facilities Management

Job Brief:
Primary responsibilities include all engineering/maintenance operations, including maintaining the building, grounds and physical assets in accordance with high standards with particular attention towards safety, security and asset protection. The properties must be maintained in an optimum and efficient condition, with the safety and comfort of guests as paramount. He/She will manage all engineering operations for interior/exterior facilities including electrical, refrigeration, plumbing, heating/cooling, structural, ground care and parking areas. The Chief Engineer would be accountable for managing the budget, capital expenditure projects, preventative maintenance and energy conservation. He/she would be responsible for maintaining regulatory requirements. He/she will lead the emergency response team for all facility issues. 

Educational Qualifications:
• Degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering 
• Professional designations such as CEOE (Certified Engineering Operations Executive), CFM (Certified Facility Manager, or CEM (Certified Energy Manager
• Must be able to meet company's technical competencies and previous Facilities Management experience is a must. 

Apply by email to Gaetan Lavoie at

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